Our Contracts & Experience

Midlands Boilers have successfully grown their business over the past seven years in the industrial and commercial sectors on both a manufacturing and engineering level of expertise, working with Companies such as Albany Bakeries, Belgotex Floor Covering, AFGRI Animal Feeds, Clover Milk Products, Meadow Feeds Kwa-Zulu Natal/Mozambique, Frey’s Food Brands and EPOL (a division of Rainbow farms), to name a few.

We have had proficient training by John Thompson a skilled specialist in the Manufacturing, Safety and Maintenance of Industrial Steam Boilers. With 27 years’ experience in the trade, you can be assured turnkey control systems that offer first-rate quality and affordable prices… We provide solutions that help our customers accomplish a more profitable business, a stronger brand, increased trade and enterprise, improved infrastructure and opportunities for further development. Your business is our priority!

  • Aberdare Cables – Pieter Smith (Maintenance Manager)
  • AFGRI Animals Feeds – Johan Reynders (Maintenance Forman)
  • Albany Bakeries – Franschoa Frey (Engineering Manager)
  • Belgotex Floor Covering Pty Ltd – George Crane (Electrical Maintenance Forman)
  • Clover Milk (Escourt) - Reuben Meades (Workshop Manager)
  • Epol (a division of Rainbow Farms) - Chris Rossouw (Maintenance Manager)
  • Freys Food Brands – Ronald Witthoft/ David Nienaber (Engineer)
  • Ma Baker Foods -  Hugh Robinson (Maintenance Manager)
  • Meadow Feeds Mozambique –  Mark Stratford (Branch Manager)
  • Meadow Feeds Kwa-Zulu Natal – Dave Hart (Maintenance Planner)