Industrial Boilers & Your Business

“The definition of a boiler:”

Any apparatus to convert continuously, any liquid into steam vapour or gas at a pressure higher than the surrounding atmosphere. In simple text, Steam Boilers heat water to produce steam which is then used to generate energy or heat for numerous effective processes and or functions in multiple industries. The advantage of steam over hot water is it has a higher energy content and the ability to release energy during condensation. This allows for a very small heat exchange.


Steam in a factory environment

As we familiarize ourselves with the role Steam Boilers contribute in all potential environments, it is accurate in stating, Steam can be produced at a high temperature for heating, yet is easy to carry in ordinary steel pipes and is not a fire hazard like hot oil. The pressure energy of steam can be used to drive pistons or turbines. Steam at high pressure is a very compact way of transporting a lot of heat energy. Once steam releases its heat energy it turns back into water which can be reused again and again and will stay at the identical temperature.

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